My Kid’s Got Talent is presented by the Foundation for Financial Education and is our first competition that presents middle and high school-aged students in a performing arts competition. These talented performers will compete to win both prestige and scholarships at this year's benefit finale.


First prize                                      $5,000

Second prize                                  $3,000

Third prize                                     $1,000



Scholarship awards must be utilized for college tuition and/or related expenses.



  • Any student enrolled in a Maryland, Virginia, or DC high school or middle school may enter this competition.

  • Contestants must either perform at a scheduled audition or provide a video by midnight prior to the final audition date.

  • College funds would be kept in a trust made out to the contestants, but students must show proof of enrollment.

  1. Class schedule

  2. Receipt of tuition

  3. Letter of intent, not a letter of acceptance

  • Each Group Act MUST identify a Group Leader that will act as the main contact for the group and is responsible for coordinating with the My Kid’s Got Talent Show Committee.

  • Entries may consist of one (1) to five (5) students working together on a cohesive presentation. Students in one entry need not attend the same school.

  • For auditions, please provide own music and music system. Only CD's may be used as part of an act.

  • No lip-syncing is allowed. Singers using CD's must eliminate voices, as in a karaoke.

  • If you are using props, you are in charge of placing your own props on the stage in rehearsal. However, the stage crew will assist with placement of props on stage during the show.

  • CD's that are used during the performance must be turned in with registration packet or on Audition day and will not be returned.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be designated to the respective winning entities, with the 1st place winning entity taking a “Grand Prize” trophy and a scholarship award.

  • Each Act/Group is limited to 3 minutes for setup and breakdown time combined.

  • All performances MUST follow Ridgeview Middle School-appropriate language, dress code and music choice (no explicit lyrics). Any inappropriateness may disqualify an act at the show, such inappropriateness is up to the discretion of the My Kid’s Got Talent Show Committee. All performances must be in good taste.

  • No fire, smoke or smoke effect will be allowed on stage at any time.

  • My Kid’s Got Talent Show is not responsible for theft, damage or injury of any kind, to persons or instruments, props, clothing etc., during, before or after the performance.

  • Contestants must be present at all meetings, rehearsals and shows and must be present during the entire show period. If this is not possible, contestants must contact the My Kid’s Got Talent Show Committee, immediately.

  • The Foundation for Financial Education reserves and holds the right to use any contestant’s name and/or photo for any further publicity and marketing purposes.

  • Rehearsals are exclusive and are only open to contestants, accompanist and My Kid’s Got Talent Show coordinators.

  • Ridgeview Middle School will provide a lighting and sound system for the show. You must provide any additional instruments, props, audio/visual support, etc., that will be used during the performance.

  • All performers must arrive and be ready to perform by two hours prior to the start of the talent show. Contestants arriving late will be disqualified.  Missed rehearsal time, as may be available, will result in a forfeiture of same.

  • All performances must be in good taste. The My Kid’s Got Talent Show Committee reserves the final decision to decline applications deemed inappropriate, by its own definition.

  • No weapons, side-arms, guns or violence are permitted.​

      Submissions accepted now through October 20th, 2019 

 **Please note: All additional proceeds from the admissions to this event will be donated back through our foundation to the Performing Arts and Music program at each respective school that hosts My Kid's Got Talent**

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